Keep your pet's teeth & mouth in tip-top condition with our dental range

How can daily oral hygiene make a difference to your pet’s wellbeing?

Brushing with AniDent Natural Defence Toothpaste will remove plaque and debris.

AniDent Soothing Gel & AniDent Oral Rinsing Solution will help to soothe gums, inhibit the build-up of plaque and make sure your pet’s breath always smells fresh.

Healthy teeth = happy pets!

  • Research reveals that 80% of dogs and 70% of cats develop periodontal disease by the age of three*.
  • Caring for your pet’s mouth, teeth and gums is an important part of their preventative health care regime.
  • AniDent’s easy-to-use dental range is designed to help you provide your pet with the very best oral care.
*Research conducted by the American Veterinary Dental Association.

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View Our Products

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